Bing’s Heroic Woman of 2013

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, aired a deeply strange commercial during the Golden Globes spotlighting heroes of feminism. These include Malala Yousafzai (who, per an onscreen caption, “stood up to educate us all”), Diana Nyad (“who persevered”), Janet Yellen (“who shattered the glass ceiling”), and  Margaret Thatcher (“for blazing a trail”).

Why, exactly, is Bing spotlighting here, in terms of their product’s actual utility? And Margaret Thatcher’s relationship with feminism was complicated at best

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Really? it is a great video and I will also argue that it IS a great Ad as people are talking about it and even Daniel D’Addario from took the time to explain all of us what is – thank you.

The Architecture of

I really like the Get-Things-Done attitude and the productive view on workflow (use multiple monitors, don’t be the nerd sitting in front of a laptop). The code is not perfect (lots of static methods), they don’t even test, only have a hand full of developers (!) and nearly no downtime. Ah yes, and they run one of the most successful sites in the history of the internet.

“Languages are just tools”. “You’ll be successful anyways, or fail anyways [it does not depend on the language].” I really like that guy. And by the way, they mainly use for the site.

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This is crack for developers, watch and learn fellow coders!