Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Telecommuting (part 1 of 5)

This is the first of a series of 5 posts regarding companies and their compatibility with techie employees, aka geeks. The first topic is telecommuting, because no company can be geek-compatible if they don’t offer telecommuting to its tech employees, right? how can these companies be geek-compatible without allowing people to work remotely?

It is hard to believe that these days there are still many companies who don’t realize the great benefit telecommuting offers to their employees and to their bottom line. Some companies claim to know about the benefits of telecommuting. However, one of the main excuses is that if they allow some employees to telecommute, then it won’t be fair to other employees which responsibilities do not allow them to telecommute. Really? do they worry about this? This makes no sense to me. I think people are smart to understand that not every option such as telecommuting applies to everyone. It seems to be more of a “management” and “control” problem, Dilbert got it right! Continue reading “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Telecommuting (part 1 of 5)”