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Dropbox and Uber are worth billions but are very fragile

In an interview with WIRED this past fall, Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston acknowledged that his company has almost no margin for error. If Dropbox accidentally destroyed just one person’s file, he said, it could erode the trust of all its users. “This is like the same sort of genre of problem as the code that […]

Should you spend money on office space for a software start-up?

Should you spend money on office space when you are just starting your business? I asked this question on answers.onstartups.com and got great responses. This post is basically a summary of the answers received. The benefits of working from an office When you are building a new business and you are bootstrapping it, it is hard to […]

Startups: 5 things that you need to be doing!

If you are in Austin and you are an entrepreneur you are probably aware of the event that took place earlier this week, Capital Factory’s Demo Day. One of the event speakers was Bob Metcalfe and some of the points that he shared motivated me to write this blog post. These are the 5 things that a startup […]