‘Spinferno’ Lets You Send Your Enemies Straight to Hell!

Mobile game allows players to get revenge on friends and enemies alike…

Austin, Texas, June 25, 2012 – Award winning mobile app studio, Rocksauce Studios, is unleashing the fury of hell onto iPhones and iPads worldwide with their new mobile game, ‘Spinferno’. Tapping into the extraordinarily popular Kickstarter platform, Rocksauce Studios has teamed up with game creator Chris Crane and SCABFARM founder & MTV’s Liquid Television artist Bernard Gumz, to give gamers the chance to work out their anger in a more cathartic way.

Based on Dante’s classic ‘Inferno,’ gamers can choose one of several always annoying archetypes, such as the Ex, the Hipster, the Boss, the Hip-Hopper, and others. ‘Spinferno’ features the exclusive Create-A-Victim feature, allowing gamers to choose a photo from their device, crop the face of someone, and get some personal revenge.Sigue leyendo “‘Spinferno’ Lets You Send Your Enemies Straight to Hell!”