Current state of freelancers in LinkedIn

As of September of 2013 there are 780,627 profiles in the Unites States with the word freelance in either the title or job description. This is a number that we are monitoring closely as our findings show that freelancing is going up or at least the use of it for titles and job descriptions among professionals in LinkedIn. I read an article by Shane Snow, CCO of Contently about how as much as half of us may soon be freelancers, and in the article he lists 6 compelling reasons why – take a look, I think you would agree with his view about freelancing.

In LinkedIn, there are 780.627 profiles in the U.S. that list freelance as part of the title or job description, however, only a small percentage of that number are software developers, designers and writers. The chart below shows the percentage of profiles that include freelancing in them and how they are divided by skill:

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