How do we connect projects with talent in our marketplace?

In our last blog post we mentioned the soft launch of the website for our new highly curated marketplace to help connect projects with talent and the reason we were doing it. Now we would like to share how it works, and please keep in mind that nothing is set on stone so we might make changes as we go. In the end the goal is to match projects with the best talent out there.

Developers and Designers group by OnTechies

The way the OnTechies marketplace works is somewhat simple, it consists of 4 main steps described below. By the way, we are avoiding the chicken and egg problem by limiting the number of projects and talent that we accept into our marketplace. The network that we have been able to create from this blog and our LinkedIn groups (OnTechies, HispanicIT) is helping us get our first batch of projects and a great first group of developers and designers to work on them. Continue reading “How do we connect projects with talent in our marketplace?”