Ideas are worth… a lot actually!

We all have heard the phrase “Ideas are worth a dime a dozen”, but I’d like to think that ideas are actually worth a lot, good ideas that is. But how do we know which ideas are good and which ones are bad? the truth is, we can’t.

It would be impossible to execute on each idea that comes to mind, but talking about your ideas with other people might help you pick which ones to follow and which ones to ditch or save for later. Remember to take other people’s opinions about your idea with a grain of salt, people tend to see uncommon ideas as bad ideas but in reality innovation usually is the result of thinking different and the willingness to take risks… in other words, some of the best ideas are seemed as either bad or crazy ideas by most people.

There are organizations such as TED which promote innovation by allowing people to talk about ideas “worth spreading”, what ideas are those? who decides which ideas are actually worth sharing? that is my point, no one really knows what a good idea looks like in the beginning, there is no pattern other than the fact that some of the greatest innovations in history started with ideas that didn’t seem good or popular.

Was Netflix a good idea back when it started? how about Twitter? do not judge other people’s ideas or your own, it is really easy to criticize but really hard to come up and follow-up on ideas, just try it. Jason Cohen from wrote a great post giving out some examples on how easy it is to criticize when listening to other people’s ideas…

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