Ditch the Lean Startup methodology, instead be innovative and take risks!

Often I heard many startup founders talk about lean startup, product market fit, minimum viable product, and on and on… I have always preferred the let’s do it and see what happens approach. This is not to suggest that the lean startup methodology and others are not good, instead what I am suggesting is that the best ideas and businesses usually come up when you don’t follow any one procedure or methodology but instead a mix of all of them. I am all for testing, iterating, getting faster to market, etc… However, if you want to start a business and achieve success, you do need to roll-up your sleeves and start getting things done. Startups need to be seen and treated as experiments, it is about doing things differently to find out what works and what doesn’t. It is also important to know that there is not a silver bullet for success in business, and believing that you can achieve success just by following one business methodology is just silly.

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