Microsoft Web Camps coming to Austin, TX and other cities!

Yes, you heard it right! Starting in March, Microsoft is rolling out a series of 12 Web Camps across the Central US. Microsoft’s Web Camps are events designed to teach you all about building websites using ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix, OData and more. We’ve held Web Camps all around the world over the past few years, but we’re taking them to the next level this year with more of one-day and two-day events in Central Region, and one just might be near you.

Join Clark Sell and Brandon Satrom for a special WebMatrix and ASP.NET MVC Web Camp you don’t want to miss. No matter your expertise in web development, these Web Camps are the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience and ‘unleash your coding genius’.

Heading to Austin for SXSW? Come a few days early to join James Senior and Scott Hanselman for a special 2 day event here in Austin, TX. Continue reading “Microsoft Web Camps coming to Austin, TX and other cities!”