Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Vacations (part 4 of 5)

This is the fourth post of the “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible” series and it is about vacations.

It’s summer and it’s the time of the year when most of us are thinking about taking that well deserved vacation… If you are like me, you’ll probably start by researching flights online, looking for hotels or vacation rentals, reading reviews, etc… However, if you are working at a company you also have to take care of one more thing, requesting time-off and get an “approval” from your company to take that vacation. Yes, most companies still operate this way, employees get a fixed amount of vacation per year and in order to take that vacation it has to be approved by a manager. Sigue leyendo

Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Meetings (part 3 of 5)

This is the third post of the “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible” series and it is about meetings.

Meetings are a necessary evil in all companies, no doubt about that. Most techies  I know don’t like meetings at all, and the reason is that most meetings are just a waste of time, in most cases. Also, it seems that the bigger a company is, the more often, longer and useless meetings become… why? well, the larger the team the harder it is so to get everyone

For example, in large corporations, it is not uncommon to find people where their solely responsibility is to have meetings about stuff, and meetings about meetings. Sigue leyendo

Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Training (part 2 of 5)

This is the second post of the “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible” series and it is about training. Offering training to employees has many benefits for both companies and employees, and it is a reality that most companies offer training to employees in one form or another.

The problem is that just like the previous post about Telecommuting, companies need to embrace the idea of giving different options to its employees, they are all different. In my opinion, various types of training have to be available for different types of employees; For example, many people prefer to learn by reading books or watching videos, other people prefer classes and some others prefer going to conferences where they have a chance to talk to their peers, network, etc…

The important thing is that a company understand that providing the right training to employees is a good investment. Not only will a company get the benefit of having skilled people on board but they will also end up with highly motivated employees. People feel good and happy when they know they are important enough for someone to invest time and money on them, in this case I am referring to companies investing in people by helping them enhance their skills and knowledge by giving them the option to choose a method of learning and providing it to them. Sigue leyendo