Apple risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014

So Apple, without a big-screen phone, risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014 if it keeps its screens so small. iPhone was once a great phone that offered the height of productivity in its day. But now its screen is too small, and its hostility to Android makes it too inflexible as a business device. That’s […]

iPhone 6 Rumors

On Thursday, The China Post (via MacRumors) cited an analyst from Nomura Securities who asserted the iPhone 6 will continue to use an 8-megapixel sensor. Despite several minor upgrades the camera will likely receive, he believed it will not gain a higher-resolution sensor. Also on Thursday, rumors made the rounds that Apple will be increasing […]

Meet the first person to buy an iPhone 5 C/S

Did you buy your new iPhone yet? this guy did. Full story… We are launching a highly curated marketplace of projects and talent, request an invite today! Related articles Why the gold iPhone 5s is a hit ( Homeless People Hired to Buy iPhones for Businessman in Pasadena – KTLA ( How Do You Know […]