Apple’s floating store in Singapore

Microsoft decided to close its Microsoft Store physical locations back in June, and personally, I think this was a mistake. As a consumer, seeing the Microsoft stores at the mall prompted me (and my kids) to visit it and look around. It is because of these stores that in the past few years, my family and I have purchased more Microsoft products.

In contrast, Apple is investing and opening new and more complex (and I’m sure more expensive) stores. The latest one is located in Singapore, and while it isn’t open as of today, many Instagrammers have shared photos of the new futuristic floating Apple Store.

The new floating store was built by architecture studio Foster + Partners on the water alongside the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and it looks amazing!

This is definitely one more reason for me to visit Singapore as soon as I am able to travel again, currently limited by the pandemic. What do you think? Amazing isn’t? With Apple’s two+ trillion market cap, water/floating stores don’t seem to be such a bad investment.