Rackspace to use Akamai as their CDN provider

Rackspace announced today their new relationship with Akamai Technologies, Inc. as Rackspace’s new Content Distribution Network (CDN) provider. Akamai Technologies, Inc. is publicly traded (NASDAQ: AKAM) company founded in 1998. Akamai has a pervasive, highly distributed cloud optimization platform with over 73,000 servers in 70 counties within nearly 1,000 networks. For up to date Akamai facts and figures, click here.

If you are currently a Rackspace customer and are using Cloud Files CDN, your account will start using Akamai CDN in the coming months, you don’t need to do anything, the transition will be automatic and painless – Rackspace wrote in an email to existing customers. Continue reading “Rackspace to use Akamai as their CDN provider”