How to Increase Conversion Rates of your Website

The truth is not one knows how to exactly increase conversion rates of your website, there isn’t a silver bullet to increasing conversion rates. What you can do about it is experiment, perform some A/B tests to find the answer, that is the game successful companies are playing and you should too. IT’s all about running experiments or tests to find out what works best with your audience. This can be time-consuming and difficult for small businesses to do, fortunately there are resources out there available to help you with this.

What is it?

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. The archetypical example of conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site.


Experiments are completed by creating a series of small tests around your calls to action. Believe it or not, small tweaks such as changing the color of a button, a label, or layout play an important part on your conversion rate. What works best? these are the questions you can answer by looking at your tests’ results.

These experiments are what the industry call A/B tests which is nothing but displaying a variation from the original to a percentage of your website visitors. You want to run a variation of your sign up button that only a percentage of your users see, and then the other percentage of your users will see the original sign up button. After running this test for a while, you want to analyze the data and decide on a winner. This is the simple version of an A/B test, in order to get better results you should be running multiple tests and continue doing it to further optimize your conversion rates.

The tools

If you want to do this by yourself, do some research and make sure to select the best tool for your needs and level of experience.

Optimizely, A/B split testing whose multi-tier payment and A/B split testing system works for both small and large businesses.

Unbounce, The Mobile Responsive Landing Page Builder for Marketers, works best for small business.

Maxymiser, a larger enterprise tool, this is a good toll for large enterprises.

Google Analytics, it is free and a good start for everyone.

The goal

The goal isn’t to increase the conversion rates, but to increase the number of sign ups, registrations, or making a purchase. You need to keep this in mind while testing to increase your conversion rate. Many people and companies can get carried away with testing many areas of a website instead of concentrating around specific landing pages and calls to action.

Scientists and engineers have been using the scientific method of experimentation for hundreds of years. Now, the culture of experimentation is changing the way businesses grow. Businesses which have embraced A/B testing have embraced the data-driven culture. They take decisions based on the basis of numbers and not on the basis of gut, feeling, instinct or sheer complacency. With the right testing methods, companies can see up to 50% increase in conversion rates.

Here is an infographic from Visual Website Optimizer that should help you stay focused and find when you need to apply A/B testing to your site:


Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates of your Website

The first thing many people ask when they are first introduced to A/B testing is what to test? where do you start? What label or button should you change first? And after you make a change, how do you measure the impact is having? You can have someone from your company test and measure this, but they have their own work to do.

Rethink Hub can help you with the testing, the measurement, and the implementation of proven successful changes. And they can do it continuously, with small changes every month. These changes might not always fare well, but it will bring you knowledge you didn’t have before and that will be helpful in the future.

Many agencies help companies design and build websites, and once they launch, many companies believe the job is done. This is where the optimization starts, and Rethink Hub has the time, the knowledge, and the experience you need to help you with this.

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