Tips for getting a kick ass logo

This is a guest post by Michael Torkildsen founder of Startup ATX, the source for all the startup news and events in the city of Austin, TX.

Let’s face it, we all want a kick ass logo to represent our company. I mean it is YOUR company, right?

But getting from nothing to kick ass is hard. Unless you already have a good idea what you want, you often walk away with, “Eh, it could be better”.

My tips on logo requirements will help you get past, Eh, to Kick Ass. Sigue leyendo

Follow your gut, it works!

We all have to make decisions about different things all the time, big decisions, small decisions and everything in between. In most cases, most of us do some research, look at the data, find facts, test hypothesis, ask others for opinions, do the numbers, etc… to help us make these decisions, it seems as our gut feeling is not enough. Sigue leyendo

5 effective and simple ways to find a job using social media

When looking for a job, many people still use online job boards such as,,, etc… these are all great sites and they have a ton of tech related jobs in their sites. However, it is not a secret that just like you, many other people go to these sites to search for jobs as well, and the problem is that when you submit your resume to a company you are interested on, your resume will end up in some inbox somewhere, along with hundreds of resumes from other people interested in that same job. Sigue leyendo

5 Productive things geeks (or anyone) can do while commuting

A lot of people see a long commute as something negative, I think it is an opportunity to learn, to read, to write and why not, to write some code as well. It might not be ideal to have a long commute, but it doesn’t have to be bad either.

Most of the times I am the one driving during my commute to work. However, I find this time enjoyable because this is the time I use to think about solutions to a business or software problem I might be having or to listen to one of my favorite podcasts. Sigue leyendo