Amazon abrirá un centro de cómputo en Colombia

La compañía se asociará con el instituto público de educación técnica de Colombia para capacitar a los estudiantes en tecnología de la nube, dijo en un comunicado de gobierno, Jeffrey Kratz, gerente general del sector público de AWS para América Latina, el Caribe y Canadá. Kratz, en Bogotá durante una conferencia tecnológica, dijo que Amazon […]

What’s New? The waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon released a new version of its best selling Kindle e-reader – and while it’s very similar to the device that many of us have gotten to know and love, this time it has a great new feature, it’s waterproof. About a month ago I was very close to buying the Kindle Oasis, and while […]

Commentary: Home devices are becoming less cool and more creepy

Amazon, Google, Apple, and now Facebook are now all pushing for home invasion, they are fighting hard to get conquer the consumer’s home (and possibly your car), and while competition is great for us consumers, not everything about this is good for us. When Amazon released Echo with the wonderful digital assistant Alexa, I was […]

Alexa, Are we there yet?

Amazon hosted a hardware event in Seattle this week, and as expected, it introduced an array of new and updated Echo devices, including the Echo Auto. That’s right, an Echo that you can bring with you, in your car. Echo it’s Amazon’s line of smart speakers and screens, and with the addition of Echo Auto, […]