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Mac Pro, the beast.

The “pro” in Mac Pro is there for a reason. With price tags that start at $3,000 and specs that make your average desktop look like an abacus, these have always been machines designed for those who need ridiculous amounts of processing power on a daily basis.

The newly redesigned Pro doesn’t just deliver that power, it does so without looking like any desktop tower you’ve ever seen.

With a shell made of machined aluminum polished to a reflective, glossy sheen, the cylindrical Pro could double as Darth Vader’s waste bin or some futuristic flower vase. It’s surprisingly small too, at just 10 inches tall and a little over 6.5 inches in diameter. All told, the 11-pound Mac Pro is about 1/8th the size of its 2012 predecessor.

~ Christina Bonnington Wired.com


It is true, not everyone needs a beast of a machine like this. I do compile many lines of code everyday but definitely do not need this… yet.

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