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Yahoo’s Spring Cleaning

yahooAccording to sources close to the situation, Yahoo’s Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh has quit the company, a major departure which comes in the wake of changes made to its media unit after the firing of COO Henrique De Castro yesterday.

Under the new plan announced by CEO Marissa Mayer in an internal memo, the media unit will now come under the purview of CMO Kathy Savitt. Appointing a marketing person in charge of editorial is probably enough of a reason for many journalists to run screaming from the building, but it’s not clear what prompted Singh’s exit.

~ Kara Swisher Re/code


OK. Who’s next? it is really not surprising, many key people will be let go like COO Henrique de Castro and others like Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh, will leave by themselves as they don’t find the new Yahoo a good fit for them.

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