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Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Computing Device Concept IS What Windows 8 Is Meant For

One of the best parts of CES are the devices that companies show off that are more or less conceptual, and may or may not ever even get made. One such gadget is the Toshiba 5-in-1 tablet, notebook, media player, drawing slate, etc. It’s sleek looking in pre-production solid aluminum, and also has a lot of potential as a flexible hybrid with a form factor that’s tailor-made for Windows 8.

~ Darrell Etherington (@drizzled)


Exactly. Windows 8 is meant for a new breed of personal computer devices and not the regular desktop PC or laptop. This is what innovation is all about and although there has been some resistance from consumers and PC manufacturers towards Windows 8, I believe it is what’s next regarding operating systems for new personal computing devices.

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