How do we connect projects with talent in our marketplace?

In our last blog post we mentioned the soft launch of the website for our new highly curated marketplace to help connect projects with talent and the reason we were doing it. Now we would like to share how it works, and please keep in mind that nothing is set on stone so we might […]

Why we are building a new marketplace for projects and talent

After many years as a software developer and entrepreneur I have come to the realization that hiring the right technical talent is one of the most if not the hardest thing for startups and companies of all sizes. Everyone can attract people to fill out resumes and come to interviews, finding people with the right […]

Meet the first person to buy an iPhone 5 C/S

Did you buy your new iPhone yet? this guy did. Full story… We are launching a highly curated marketplace of projects and talent, request an invite today! Related articles Why the gold iPhone 5s is a hit ( Homeless People Hired to Buy iPhones for Businessman in Pasadena – KTLA ( How Do You Know […]