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Get Shit Done with Finish Up Weekend

Many of us have the same problem, we start projects and when things get tough, too challenging or too boring we give up just to start with the newest and coolest thing. Austin, TX is a very innovative and creative town, full of talent, ideas AND people wanting to get shit done. The guys of Handsome, a firm that helps companies achieve success through user experience is organizing the Finish Up Weekend to fix this problem.
FU Weekend

Finish Up Weekend or FU Weekend for short, is focused on wrapping up projects you’ve started but for some reason haven’t finished. It’s a curated group of people so only high quality talent will be attending. Anyone can apply but we’ll be hand-picking the attendees to make sure they either have a project that can be completed in the course of the weekend or they have a skill set they’re willing to offer and help other people finish.

Anyone is welcome so long as they have a project they’re planning to finish. For example, a screenwriter is coming up to finish one of his scripts over the weekend. ~ Andy Keil, Product Manager at Handsome

FinishUp Weekend is going to have Josh Long of Execute speaking and have people flying in from SF, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City, etc.

This is the “beta” event and if it goes over as well as they’re anticipating, the first “official” event will be in May and then Montreal in July.

Free food/beer/coffee all weekend.

It’s going to be an awesome group of people and they’re hoping to start a cult.

If you are one of us, with unfinished projects and need a little push to get them done, checkout FU Weekend and sign up today for their first event in Austin on February 22- 24. Let’s get shit done!

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