Month: February 2013

Get Shit Done with Finish Up Weekend

Many of us have the same problem, we start projects and when things get tough, too challenging or too boring we give up just to start with the newest and coolest thing. Austin, TX is a very innovative and creative town, full of talent, ideas AND people wanting to get shit done. The guys of […]

February 8th is Work From Home Day

WFH hopes to get 10,000 cars off Austin-area roads for a day to foster lower ozone and carbon emissions while educating our work force about tools to make working remotely simple and manageable. On February 8, 2013, Austin-area streets will look deserted, as if it were a holiday, if local leaders have their way. In […]

Tips for Outsourcing Your IT

This is a guest post by Carmen Brettel, a writer and manager for Student Grants. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and volunteering at animal shelters. Outsourcing has become a popular option for many businesses as they continue to struggle in the sluggish economy. Outsourcing can save your company money and free up valuable […]