Month: January 2013

Online Education: The Future Grows

This is a guest post by Christina St-Jean is an English teacher who has been engaged in virtually every level of the educational system at one point or another. When she’s not teaching, she is contributing to online education resources such as When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her two young daughters, who surprise […]

We Are Austin Tech Launches Second Season

Weekly video blog spotlights leaders in Austin’s tech community The weekly video blog We Are Austin Tech, live for nearly a year at, has launched its second season. Today’s post features an interview profile of Gazzang CEO Larry Warnock, which followed last Tuesday’s conversation with VolunteerSpot CEO Karen Bantuveris. Both videos are currently live on […]

The internet reacts to Aaron Swartz death

Aaron Swartz, Internet activist dies at 26. We all need to learn more about him, the great things he did and what he was all about. we’ll miss you Aaron. Remember Aaron Swartz     From Aaron’s mother Aaron Swartz ~ Wikipedia Prosecutor as bully The Truth about Aaron Swartz’s “Crime” RIP, Aaron Swartz by […]

Internet celebrities: What about reciprocity?

What is an internet celebrity? I guess you call internet celebrities to whoever has a large social media following, correct? These people are usually leaders in their communities (online and offline), respected voices on specific topics (especially technology), founders of well-known startups, high-profile angel investors, and on and on. What gives them the title of […]

Digital World – Are We Internet Addicts?

Are we addicted to the internet? to online gaming? to the idea that multi-tasking is somehow a way of being more productive? The fact is that we are connected ALL the time and this is creating some social problems as many people young and old are abusing the internet by monitoring social networks all day, […]