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Honey, We Blew Up Twitter for iPad

Twitter released a new app for iPad, and unfortunately it seems like the new app is just a blown-up version of the iPhone app. This feels like going backwards, Loren Brichter‘s innovative UI was much better than this new app. Here is what the twitterverse had to say about it:

@om question to all @twitter employees: how many of you will secretly use @TweetbotiPad app instead of this pig of an update on Twitter iPad?

@theloop Twitter for iPad’s suckiness http://loopu.in/Pp7cjI

@davewiner Twitter’s iPad App Update Provokes a Backlash. So much for @dickc‘s career as a software designer. :-). http://037.r2.ly/

@panzer “It kind of looks like a blown-up smartphone app, because that’s exactly what it is. Compare that to Twitter on iPad.” – Tim Cook

@gruber Interaction of today’s new Twitter for iPad is so bad. No tappable URLs, usernames, or hashtags in timeline. Must tap tweet to expand first.

@marcoarment Twitter just butchered their iPad app, as I predicted. It’s awful. A blown-up iPhone app with no additional thought. (Or text formatting.)

@film_girl Aaand Twitter for iPad is now a glorified web app. Anyone else see the irony in FB going native and Twitter doubling down on HTML5?

@marco_org → Expand your experience: New Twitter for iPad http://www.marco.org/2012/09/18/expand-your-experience …

@migueldeicaza I disagree with Marco Arment. The new twitter for iPad is not depressing. It is just a flaming turd of shit.

Twitter has done it again, it has managed to piss off some of its most loyal users… at least the new Twitter for iPad app shows images in full-screen now.

What are your thoughts about it? have you download the new Twitter for iPad app?

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