Honey, We Blew Up Twitter for iPad

Twitter released a new app for iPad, and unfortunately it seems like the new app is just a blown-up version of the iPhone app. This feels like going backwards, Loren Brichter‘s innovative UI was much better than this new app. Here is what the twitterverse had to say about it:

@om question to all @twitter employees: how many of you will secretly use @TweetbotiPad app instead of this pig of an update on Twitter iPad?

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WE’RE SORRY ~ GoDaddy.com

Five days after one of their worst outages which happened on September 10 impacting thousands of websites, GoDaddy sent an apology to all its customers explaining the reasons for this outage. Some websites were down because they are hosting their site at GoDaddy but companies that only had their DNS hosted at GoDaddy were also affected by this outage.

There were also rumors about a member of Anonymous known as AnonymousOwn3r claiming responsibility for the outage. The point here is that GoDaddy suffered an outage that lasted several hours and GoDaddy confirmed that this was due to corrupted data tables and not some sort of attack, and at the same time they assured their customers that not sensitive data was ever compromised. Continue reading WE’RE SORRY ~ GoDaddy.com

LEGO KidsFest is Awesome

The LEGO KidsFest is a place full of awesome LEGO models and bricks for everybody to build something and have fun. The LEGO KidsFest event is NOT a place where parents will feel trapped about buying something so their little babies would stop crying and yelling to get one of those expensive Star Wars LEGO sets featuring some of the largest manuals I’ve ever seen, or a Duplo set for the toddlers in the family, or even one of those awesome Technic sets to keep the kid and the Dad busy or what about one of the kid’s favorites… a Ninjago set… it is all about ninjas, do I need to say more? Yes, of course this event features a store for visitors to buy LEGO sets, but the store occupies just a small area in this huge event where surprisingly you can find LEGO sets at regular prices and not inflated as it is usually the case in these type of events. Continue reading LEGO KidsFest is Awesome