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Cinegif Video iOS App Allows Users To Share Instant Play Clips Within a Text Message

By integrating a new form of video file sharing with text messaging, Cinegif Video creates a new form of communication, allowing users to enhance their Smartphone experience

Austin, TX (June 25, 2012) – Cinegif, an Austin, Texas-based software development company has created a video conversion software that helps communicate and tell a story, without the file size, complexity, and cost of traditional video. With this patented technology, Cinegif is pleased to announce “the future of video sharing” with the release of its Cinegif Video iPhone app, which allows users to add their own instant play video clips to everyday mobile communications.

As an avid ‘texter’, I wanted to find a way to allow video clips to travel along with text messages to enhance the story and better communicate,

remarked Cinegif Founder Doug Richardson.

The only issue was finding a format in which the video clips would open and play instantly and always make it there as part of a text message without pressing ‘play’ – that’s when the idea of a Cinegif Video app was born.

The standard iOS video app allows you to send a video, but the user must hit “Play”, otherwise it appears as a flat image. A Cinegif Video plays instantly upon the user opening the text message, and its size is compatible across any mobile carrier. Comparatively, regular videos attached to messages are often too large and don’t ever reach the intended recipient. The small, animated GIF file sizes still make a big impact, delivering motion and engagement without the hassles of traditional video and without chewing through the user’s data plan.

Important features of the Cinegif Video app include:

  • Video clips up to 10 seconds can be taken on the iPhone for instant conversion and compression to a Cinegif.
  • Receiving devices do not need to have the app.
  • A Cinegif opens automatically and plays instantly requiring no special software or plug-ins.
  • A Cinegif is saved to the user’s Gallery within the app for storage and instant accessibility and share-ability with others using the app.

Added Cinegif CEO, Graham McFarland: “Whether its a new mother sending a Cinegif to her husband of their baby’s first steps, or a real estate agent sending a Cinegif to a prospective client to share a great view of the mountains from the master bedroom, the app is intended to enable more engaged, meaningful, and fun communication between sender and receiver.”

Click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-3ycxeJDDU) to see a demo of the Cinegif Video app and here (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cinegif-text/id508155938?ls=1&mt=8) to visit the iTunes store for a free download.

About Cinegif Video App

Developed by Austin, Texas-based Cinegif, Cinegif Video is an iPhone app that makes texting and e-mailing more fun, personal, engaging and meaningful by allowing users to add their own instant play video clips to everyday mobile communications. Unlike traditional video, Cinegif creates small, animated GIF files that play instantly on most smart phones. Small file sizes still make big impact, delivering motion and engagement without the hassles of traditional video, and without “chewing through” user data plans.

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