‘Spinferno’ Lets You Send Your Enemies Straight to Hell!

Mobile game allows players to get revenge on friends and enemies alike…

Austin, Texas, June 25, 2012 – Award winning mobile app studio, Rocksauce Studios, is unleashing the fury of hell onto iPhones and iPads worldwide with their new mobile game, ‘Spinferno’. Tapping into the extraordinarily popular Kickstarter platform, Rocksauce Studios has teamed up with game creator Chris Crane and SCABFARM founder & MTV’s Liquid Television artist Bernard Gumz, to give gamers the chance to work out their anger in a more cathartic way.

Based on Dante’s classic ‘Inferno,’ gamers can choose one of several always annoying archetypes, such as the Ex, the Hipster, the Boss, the Hip-Hopper, and others. ‘Spinferno’ features the exclusive Create-A-Victim feature, allowing gamers to choose a photo from their device, crop the face of someone, and get some personal revenge. Continue reading ‘Spinferno’ Lets You Send Your Enemies Straight to Hell!

Cinegif Video iOS App Allows Users To Share Instant Play Clips Within a Text Message

By integrating a new form of video file sharing with text messaging, Cinegif Video creates a new form of communication, allowing users to enhance their Smartphone experience

Austin, TX (June 25, 2012) – Cinegif, an Austin, Texas-based software development company has created a video conversion software that helps communicate and tell a story, without the file size, complexity, and cost of traditional video. With this patented technology, Cinegif is pleased to announce “the future of video sharing” with the release of its Cinegif Video iPhone app, which allows users to add their own instant play video clips to everyday mobile communications.

As an avid ‘texter’, I wanted to find a way to allow video clips to travel along with text messages to enhance the story and better communicate,

remarked Cinegif Founder Doug Richardson.

The only issue was finding a format in which the video clips would open and play instantly and always make it there as part of a text message without pressing ‘play’ – that’s when the idea of a Cinegif Video app was born. Continue reading Cinegif Video iOS App Allows Users To Share Instant Play Clips Within a Text Message

What happens when Twitter goes down

Twitter was down for more than an hour today and as of 1:20PM CST it continues to have problems according to their status page.

This is what happens when Twitter goes down, blog and even news sites go frenzy, Facebook and Google+ usage increases, and people go out and see the Sun probably for the first time in days…

Is Twitter too BIG to fail?

Is the Fail Whale on vacation?

This proves to all the naysayers that Twitter has become a relevant service for consumers and businesses, Twitter is important regardless of the information being shared in it… when was the last time you saw that many news outlets comment when your cable goes down?

A note about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn

This past month was very memorable for the world of tech and a very important day in Wall Street with Facebook’s IPO. A company who started in 2004 was worth $104 billion for one day, on paper. Underwriters valued the shares at $38 each, pricing the company at $104 billion, the largest valuation to date for a newly public company. On May 16, one day before the IPO, Facebook announced that it would sell 25% more shares than originally planned due to high demand. The IPO raised $16 billion, making it the third largest in U.S. history (just ahead of AT&T Wireless and behind only General Motors and Visa). The stock price left the company with a higher market capitalization than all but a few U.S. corporations – surpassing heavyweights such as Amazon.com, McDonald’s, Disney, and Kraft – and made Zuckerberg’s stock worth $19 billion. And this only lasted a day or two since the stock tanked shortly after and this morning it was at $31.74. Continue reading A note about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn