Tech Journalism or Hollywood Gossip?

There are many technology news outlets, bloggers and many internet personalities that you can follow to get all the technology industry news and information that you need. In recent weeks, attacks between some tech journalists, bloggers and internet personalities have made the tech industry look a bit like showbiz.

It all started by New York Time’s Nick Bilton story about the social networking app called Path (founded by Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning), which came under fire a few weeks ago when Arun Thampi, a programmer from Singapore discovered that the application was automatically uploading its user’s entire address book to its servers. Without asking.

First Act

Nick Bilton’s article basically criticized the fact that many internet companies and entrepreneurs seem to follow the philosophy of “ask for forgiveness, not permission” and how this is becoming the “industry best practice.” I disagree by the way, it is ridiculous to call something an “industry best practice” based in mistakes made by a few companies. Path has since apologized and confirmed that all the data collected without permission has been destroyed. Continue reading Tech Journalism or Hollywood Gossip?

Photo Sharing, It’s What People Do

I visit and use Facebook very often, at least once a day to check on updates from family members, close friends and mostly to share photos. After reading many articles about Facebook’s IPO and the future of the company I decided to really think about what makes me go back to Facebook almost every day and it is simple to answer… photo sharing. Most of my family members post photos with short captions to Facebook in a daily basis, it is interesting to see the photos they share, more so than just reading a tweet or a short update about what they are doing, etc. There is not a doubt in my mind that Facebook’s photo sharing must be one of the most important features of the site, just look at all the posts about the photo sharing service from the Facebook blog.

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The Hacker Way…

The Hacker Way

Facebook’s IPO filing highlights what Mark Zuckerberg calls, “The Hacker Way” which is described below:

The Hacker Way

As part of building a strong company, we work hard at making Facebook the best place for great people to have a big impact on the world and learn from other great people. We have cultivated a unique culture and management approach that we call the Hacker Way. Continue reading The Hacker Way…

Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs and Startups

We are going to start a new category of blog posts which will be released every week on Wednesdays, the name of this category is “Top 10” and every week we’ll add a new post displaying the top 10 items for blank. The first post for this new category is Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs. I am sure that by now most of you have already watched the movies below, if not, then I hope you take the time to watch them, they are really good and are categorized as being entrepreneurial movies for different reasons explained below.

I know that there are many really good movies that didn’t make it in this list, then again, these are the top 10 according to Please use the comment’s section to add any of your favorite entrepreneurial movies that didn’t make it to the list. If you have ideas for other top 10 lists, please let us know!

The movies are ordered by release date in ascending order:

Citizen Kane

1- Citizen Kane (1940)

Director: Orson Wells

Message: Overwhelming success sometimes brings overwhelming sacrifices.

Summary: Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance.

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