Announcing RED Lounge in Austin, TX

Austin, TX is soon becoming known for their extensive community of technology experts, and the RED Lounge is a platform for all technology professionals to join together to share ideas, network and become more involved in their communities.

RED Lounge is a meet-up style forum for industry professionals such as developers, designers, CTO’s, students and everything in between. The next RED Lounge will focus on the evolution of mobile technology and the impact of consumerization on interface design and mobile architecture. RED Lounge members will also be discussing how their expertise in the technology industry can benefit members of their community.

Speakers for the next RED Lounge include Robin Thurston, Co-Founder of MapMyFitness; Matt Walton, President and CEO as well as Josh Wingstrom, CTO of RED Method, Inc. RSVP today to participate in insightful conversation and enjoy the many beers Flying Saucer has to offer!

About RED Lounge

The goal of RED Lounge is to encourage interaction among local professionals and discover ways to improve the local community. Each RED Lounge focuses on a different topic of the shifting landscape of technology with guest speakers from some of the most innovative and successful companies in Central Texas.

The next RED Lounge will be hosted at the Flying Saucer (815 West 47th Street, Austin, TX 78751) from 6PM-8PM on Friday, February 10th.

Attendance is free but you must RSVP to reserve your space to:

About RED Method, Inc.

RED Method, Inc. is the world’s innovation and thought leader in enterprise mobility solutions, creating mobile systems that address the needs of an untethered enterprise workforce who has made Austin, TX their home. RED Method fuses technology, data, and design into end-to-end solutions for mobile business including sales, marketing, customer service, product development and logistics.

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