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Austin Startup: Best new way to find storage facilities

Shopping for storage the old-fashioned way is a headache. You can easily waste hours calling facilities, getting spammed by “free quote” services or clicking through outdated websites.
New Austin-based start-up SpareFoot solves this problem by organizing every storage facility in one simple marketplace online. In just a few minutes, you can find and compare storage facilities in your area, check out photos and read customer reviews. For example, check out the Austin storage page and click on one of the available units to see the full features of this site.

Founded in 2008 by then-UCLA students Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali, SpareFoot stated out as a person-to-person storage website that helped people rent extra space for storage in private residences. Then they realized there was a larger opportunity for this platform in the traditional self-storage industry and now SpareFoot boasts the largest selection of storage units with real-time pricing and availability on the web.

Every day, SpareFoot continues to grow and evolve. Their tight-knit team of employees is super motivated, working towards establishing their company as the technology and thought leader of self-storage. The team works long hours and manages to have a ton of fun, too. They love Austin and are so grateful that they found a group of investors here that has allowed them to turn two men’s dream into a reality.

This website is great because it easily guides you through the process of finding convenient storage companies and it’s as simple as knowing your new zip code. Go to SpareFoot and type in your zip code to get a detailed list of storage facilities in that area. You will quickly be able to find rental units that meet your storage size requirements, the size and price per unit, what amenities that facility has and if there are any available specials. Once you find the perfect storage unit, reserve it online for free. It’s that easy!

The best thing about using SpareFoot’s website is it’s like shopping online without any obligation to buy. Browse around the site and see the best deals on renting storage units in your neighborhood. Just a few clicks can save you hours of work and frustration. If you like Internet start-up success stories-in-the-making, you should like us on Facebook and follow along on Twitter to hear what’s going on right now.

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  1. This was a good idea. Real time saver

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