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Attend SXSW 2012 as a Volunteer

The 26th annual SXSW festival will take place between March 9-18, 2012 in Austin, Texas. SXSW is divided into 3 core conferences, Interactive (March 9-13), Film (March 9-17) and Music (March 13-18). Last year, the total number of SXSW Conference and Festival participants totaled 126,100.

Here are some statistics from last year:

Statistics for SXSW Music 2011

  • Music FEstival Showcasing Acts: 2,098; International acts: 596 from 57 foreign countries
  • Music Festival Stages: 92
  • Music Conference Participants: 16,353 (from 53 countries)
  • Music Conference Sessions: 181
  • Music Media in Attendance (approximate): 2,941
  • Auditorium Shores Stage Attendance over 3 days: 45,000

Statistics for SXSW Interactive 2011

  • Interactive Conference Participants: 19,364 (from 63 foreign countries)
  • Interactive Conference Sessions: 935
  • Interactive Media in Attendance (approximate): 2,508

Statistics for SXSW Film 2011

  • Film Conference Participants: 13,409 (from 37 countries)
  • Film Conference Sessions: 105
  • Films Screened: 140 Features: 153 Curated Shorts (from 4,911 Submissions)
  • Film Festival World Premieres: 66; North American Premieres: 15; US Premieres: 15
  • Film Festival Attendance: 66,842
  • Film Media in Attendance (approximate): 1,541

Statistics for SXSW 2011 Trade Show, Exhibits & Parties

  • SXSW Trade Show Exhibit Spaces: 566; Attendance over 4 days (approximate): 65,200
  • ScreenBurn Arcade Exhibit Spaces: 137; Attendance over 3 days (approximate): 27,200
  • Gear Alley Expo Exhibit Spaces: 48; Attendance over 4 days (approximate): 20,100
  • Flatstock 29 Poster Show Exhibit Spaces: 97; Attendance over 2 days (approximate): 12,000
  • Style X Exhibit Spaces: 132; Attendance over 2 days (approximate): 15,700
  • Official SXW parties: 103

Additional Impact of SXSW on the City of Austin

  • In 2011, SXSW was directly and indirectly responsible for injecting approximately $168 million into the Austin economy.
  • Media attention from coast to coast and numerous countries around the world with print, broadcast and online publication coverage in 2o11 totaling almost $38 million.
  • Music venue revenues increase on the average of 45% over their next highest month, similar increases at restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Establishment of relations with international governmental agencies which reinforces the “Live Music Capital of the World” title
  • 49,185 room nights booked in 74 official hotels, 10,915 individual reservations booked.

How To Volunteer

As you can imagine, the resources needed to help put such an event are huge, and SXSW is asking for volunteers to help as a conference and production volunteers. What is the difference you might ask?

Conference volunteers have a flexible schedule, they can schedule hours anytime throughout the 10 days of the SXSW week (March 9-18, 2012) on up to three crews. Conference Volunteers work hours toward a perk of their choice. Click here for more information about working as a Conference Volunteer.

Production Volunteers are restricted to working on only one crew throughout SXSW week. Production Volunteers earn their perks based on the number of shifts worked. Click here for more information about working as a Production Volunteer.

Make sure you know what type of volunteer you want to apply for before you do so, and remember that SXSW offers really good perks to both conference and production volunteers. These perks range from t-shirts all the way up to a Platinum Badge.

If you are not from Austin, there is also an Out-of-Town Volunteer option available for people from all over the world wanting to help at SXSW. Below are some of the requirements if you want to become an out-of-town volunteer:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age*
  • Work a minimum of 30 hours on a Conference Crew or minimum number of shifts on a Production Crew
  • Conference and Production Volunteers must arrive in Austin no later than March 8, 2012 if you’re working during Film/IA or March 12, 2012 if you’re working on a crew that operates only during SXSW Music.
  • Have a valid email address (no sharing of email addresses, please)
  • Responsible for working with SXSW Crew Chiefs or Staff to create your own schedule
  • Acknowledge and adhere to the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines
  • Arrange travel and housing accommodations prior to applying as an OOT Volunteer

*Some crews will require additional age requirements. Check the OOT Crew Descriptions for more detailed information.

Are you ready to be a volunteer at the next SXSW festival? click here to register and learn more about this awesome program today!


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