Google’s Gmail new look: Simple and powerful.

We all always hear about how having a simple user interface (UI) and a great user experience (UX) is key to all software applications. Google’s user experience people also agree with this and they have made many changes to the Gmail application that promise to make it a better, more powerful and yet simple to use web application to manage email conversations.

These are the new features:

Streamlined conversations

Elastic density

New HD themes

Smarter navigation

Better search

These new features are going to be available soon, however if you want to try it now chances are that if you log to your Gmail account you’ll find a Switch to the new look link in the bottom-right of Gmail.If you don’t see it yet, check back in the next few days as Google is releasing it within the next few days.

I welcome the elastic density and smarter navigation features! what are your thoughts about the new look and features?

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