Live longer, don’t burnout


Just baby steps, anything else it’s not worth the stress

Watching a documentary the other day about how stress affects our health and how it also speeds up the aging process motivated me to write this post.

The idea that stress is bad to our health is nothing new, we all have heard or have been told about this by our significant others, family, and even our doctors! But it doesn’t matter because in general, we tend to only listen to stuff we agree with and we disregard everything else.Continue reading “Live longer, don’t burnout”

Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Vacations (part 4 of 5)

This is the fourth post of the “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible” series and it is about vacations.

It’s summer and it’s the time of the year when most of us are thinking about taking that well deserved vacation… If you are like me, you’ll probably start by researching flights online, looking for hotels or vacation rentals, reading reviews, etc… However, if you are working at a company you also have to take care of one more thing, requesting time-off and get an “approval” from your company to take that vacation. Yes, most companies still operate this way, employees get a fixed amount of vacation per year and in order to take that vacation it has to be approved by a manager.Continue reading “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Vacations (part 4 of 5)”