makes the word “local” meaningful again!

I haven’t written about startups or companies in general for a while… today I want to share with you some details about an organization from Austin, TX, its name is Borrowed Sugar.

Borrowed Sugar gets its name from the simple act of one neighbor lending a cup of sugar to another. The company is trying to do what other internet giants have tried and are still trying to do currently, to capture the “local” markets but none of them have had much success, not yet. Borrowed Sugar is different, the site focus not only in “local” stuff but it truly engages and connects with the community, the site has a beautiful user interface (UI) and once you sign-up, you’ll see some great features, many things that you would expect from such a site and couldn’t find (at least not in one place) until now:Continue reading “ makes the word “local” meaningful again!”

Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Meetings (part 3 of 5)

This is the third post of the “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible” series and it is about meetings.

Meetings are a necessary evil in all companies, no doubt about that. Most techies  I know don’t like meetings at all, and the reason is that most meetings are just a waste of time, in most cases. Also, it seems that the bigger a company is, the more often, longer and useless meetings become… why? well, the larger the team the harder it is so to get everyone

For example, in large corporations, it is not uncommon to find people where their solely responsibility is to have meetings about stuff, and meetings about meetings.Continue reading “Is Your Company Geek-Compatible – Meetings (part 3 of 5)”