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Google +1, On Google and On Sites Across the Web Very Soon

On Tuesday 5/10, at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Google announced and showed the Google +1 button. This button is similar to Facebook’s Like button and Twitter’s Tweet button as it allows people to recommend and share content they like. It also keeps a list of the content you recommended in your Google profile.

What is it?

Google +1 button will be available on Google and on many sites across the web, currently, this button is only available to signed in Google US users as an experiment, and soon Google will made it available to everyone else.

One advantage of the Google button over the Facebook and Twitter’s buttons is the fact that a list of all sites and links you +1, will be available in your Google profile. You’ll have the option to make this list visible to everyone or only to you.

The image below shows the new +1’s tab where a list of the sites I’ve recommended are maintained. You might not see this tab in your Google profile if you have not signed in for the Google +1 experiment.

How It Works

The simplest way to use Google +1 is to use it when searching for content. The result’s page will show links that will display the +1 button.  To +1 something just click on the +1 image button that will be visible right next to each link in the result’s page:

When you click the +1 button for the first time you’ll see the following dialog window that allows you to confirm some privacy settings and your +1.

Once you have +1 something, then the little button next to that link will turn blue and you’ll also see a message showing you that you have +1’d the link, see image below.

The purpose of +1

The purpose of the +1 button is to enhance your experience while surfing on the web by providing content and ads related to the topics and links you have +1’d. Google says that the only time the +1 button will associate your identity with specific web content is when you choose to click the +1 button for something on the web. By clicking the +1 button, you’re explicitly signaling interest in displaying, sharing, or recommending specific online content, including ads. So if your friend chooses to +1 an ad, page, or search result, you might see that +1 on other websites. Google stores your +1’s to personalize the web, for example, by showing them to your social connections and others who may find it relevant.

What do you think? is it a good idea or is it an invasion to privacy by saving your clicks with the purpose of associating content and ads that will later be shown to you while on the web…

Watch the following video to learn more about Google’s +1 (PlusOne)

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One response to “Google +1, On Google and On Sites Across the Web Very Soon”

  1. I’m glad that Google is trying to innovate here and actually try and compete in some sort of social sphere. This may or may not take off, but lets be a little real about Google’s chances here: they have been brutalized (strong word I know) with everything even the slightest bit social lately. It’s almost embarrassing. Facebook is inspiring so much attention among businesses that they’re advertising their Facebook URLs on their TV and print advertising and even resorting to buying fans from PopularFans and the like. I’ll be interested to see how this goes, but I’m not optimistic about Google’s chances in anything that doesn’t involve algorithms and high-tech stuff because quite frankly, they just don’t get that.

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