Google Chrome Canary build is now available for Mac users

Google released Chrome Canary for the Mac yesterday and as a user of both Mac and PCs I am very glad they did, it has been expected for a while by all the developers and early adopters who work with Macs. Google made available Canary to Windows last year.

What is it

Google Chrome Canary is the pre-dev build of Chrome, it is intended for developers and users who need and enjoy testing new versions and don’t get bothered by some bugs or unstable features. This is not a stable release, it is basically Google Chrome’s nightly build and it probably includes bugs, new untested code, and some experiments! Chrome Canary offers the same set of precautions as the beta and developer builds. The Canary build is less stable, but it will be used to test even  newer features than the other builds, including the developer build which already include features that are only included in the beta build once these test correctly.

Google released Chrome Canary for Windows last year and has since been downloaded by hundred of thousands of users who have helped make Google Chrome a better browser, according to Google.

Google Chrome Canary is intended to run in parallel with more stable versions of Google, it keeps its data separate from other Chrome installations.

If you are a free spirit and like to try the latest (but not necessarily the greatest) then check it out and help Google make Chrome a better browser!

Download it now

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