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MIX11 (Future of the Web) Day One Keynote

The MIX11 conference is all about Microsoft’s latest web technologies, it is the perfect conference for web designers and web developers. Below is a summary from today’s keynote.

This keynote focused on ASP.NET MVC 3, IE9, IE10 and HTML 5. Tomorrow’s keynote will focus on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. 

Dean Hachamovitch Corporate vice president, Internet Explorer team at Microsoft and David Sinofsky President of the Windows Division at Microsoft

Dean started by talking about HTML 5 and IE9, which was a little lame, many people were twitting about the fact that both of these technologies are somewhat old news to be part of a keynote, I agree. However, after the first 15 minutes, the keynote started to get interesting when David Sinofsky came to the stage and switched the topic from IE9 to IE10. They showed some cool demos and mentioned that a preview of IE10 is available today, this is really cool! you can check it out at http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/

Scott Guthrie vice president in the Microsoft Developer Division

Scott came out wearing a red polo shirt (what else is new you might ask), he started by talking about the new tooling update available as of today. This Visual Studio tooling update for ASP.NET MVC 3 includes the following:

  • HTML 5
  • jQuery 1.5 + Modernizr
  • Entity Framework 4.1
  • Scaffolding

You can install this update via the Web PI or by going to this download details page. For more details, read this post by Phil Haack, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team.

Niels Hartviq – Founder and CEO, Umbraco

Niels presentation was very brief, he basically talked about the upcoming Umbraco’s conference CodeGarden and the new SQL Azure feature added to their CMS application.

Umbraco’s new feature supports automatic scaling, this new feature is available from the administration panel and it is an Azure only feature, it basically allows you to increase the use of an Azure service from Umbraco’s admin panel.

Drew Robbins – Developer and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft – Orchard team

Drew’s presentation was also brief, he demoed how you can apply new templates to your Orchard site using templates created on bind.pt (which is a great way to build your own templates!) and the new Orchard’s release, version 1.1. Click here to view the release notes.

    Scott Hanselman Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Developer Division

    Scott focused on the new ASP.NET MVC 3 and the new tooling available for Visual Studio. It was refreshing to see Scott on stage, he is a good speaker and made his presentation both informative and fun! Scott talked about the new MVC 3 project type for creating intranets and demoed how he used the new MVC 3 framework, EF code first and WebMatrix to create a new website for his new Podcast called “This Developer’s Life” where he and Rob Conery talk about various topics related to a developer’s life 🙂 It is a really good podcast.

    One of the interesting features in this update is the fact that you can now create a controller from your model, automatically (just like you can create a view from your controller) and it creates it with full CRUD capabilities.

    In summary, this keynote was about IE9, IE10, HTML 5 and ASP.NET MVC 3 tooling update. The topic about IE10 and the new ASP.NET MVC 3 tooling update were interesting, the rest was not. I am looking forward for tomorrow’s day 2 keynote where the main topics are Silverlight and Windows 7 Phone.

    Are you at MIX11? what is your feedback regarding the day one keynote? By the way, the twitter hash-tag for this event is #mix11.

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