Microsoft + Open Source = Happy .NET Developers

In recent years Microsoft has been more open about open source, at first I remember Microsoft’s only goal with open source was to work with developers and partners to make sure Microsoft’s proprietary software worked with various popular open source offerings, for example running PHP, Apache, MySQL on Windows, this package is known as WAMP.

When Bill Gates announced his departure from Microsoft back in 1998 many media outlets where writing about this as an opportunity for this company to embrace the open source community and not rely completely on Windows to continue with its undeniable success over the next years. Bill Gates is known to be the architect of Microsoft’s primary strategic initiative, which is Windows everywhere. This strategy has brought Microsoft great success and many billions, but it is a strategy that needs to be modified in order to continue succeeding in the software industry. Continue reading Microsoft + Open Source = Happy .NET Developers

MIX11 (Future of the Web) Day Two Keynote

We are on day two and the second keynote was a success. Before the keynote started, there was a DJ in stage playing some cool music while people entered the room, you can see a short video here.

Today’s keynote was all about Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 5 and Kinect, which by the way, every attendee received a new Kinect from Microsoft, sweet!

Joe Belfiore Corporate vice president, Windows Phone

Joe started by inviting this 24-year-old to stage who created a fan video for Microsoft’s Windows phone 7, it is a great video and you can check it out here. Joe mentioned that if enough people tweet about this video that Microsoft will consider making this video into a TV ad, so go ahead and start tweetingContinue reading MIX11 (Future of the Web) Day Two Keynote

MIX11 (Future of the Web) Day One Keynote

The MIX11 conference is all about Microsoft’s latest web technologies, it is the perfect conference for web designers and web developers. Below is a summary from today’s keynote.

This keynote focused on ASP.NET MVC 3, IE9, IE10 and HTML 5. Tomorrow’s keynote will focus on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.  Continue reading MIX11 (Future of the Web) Day One Keynote

37 Signals Gets VC Boost… Again!

A Legendary VC firm from the valley area is investing $56 million in 37 Signals. This comes after a rumor that was interested in buying 37 Signals for an undisclosed amount. This is the second time 37 Signals gets an investment despite their comments everywhere about being against VC money. The first time was when Jeff Bezos invested an undisclosed amount back in 2006.

37 Signals founder, Jason Fried said that the decision about taking VC money comes after they were offered an undisclosed amount to sell their company to  Continue reading 37 Signals Gets VC Boost… Again!

Accept It, Social Media Sites Are Helpful

I have been using different social media sites for a few years now. It took me a while to get into it because I considered it a big waste of time, I was wrong.

Social media sites are nothing but a way to communicate what we all have to say, to share, it can be a short message, a blog post, a picture, a new product, a rant, etc.

It is all about sharing information with people we know and people who we wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, I love it! It is also a great way to keep up to date with the topics that are of interest to you. For example, as a software developer I follow (using Twitter) other software developers I trust and admire to see what they are up to, etc… I also follow the Twitter accounts of certain companies because I am interested in their products and services, and interestingly enough I have found it a lot easier to communicate with these companies via Twitter when I have a question, a praise or a complain. Continue reading Accept It, Social Media Sites Are Helpful