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Gowalla 3 is out, watch out foursquare!

Austin-based Gowalla released version 3 of its iPhone application. This new release brings people (and competitors) closer. Some of the most interesting updates are the integration with rival foursquare and  the tight integration with Facebook Places.

Gowalla now allows users to broadcast their checkins to Facebook Places and yes foursquare – how awesome is that! And that is not all, you also have the benefits that come with using foursquare and Facebook Places such as earning badges and Facebook deals through this new Gowalla iPhone application.

Another cool feature is the ability to see not only checkins from your friends using Gowalla but also checkins from friends using foursquare and Facebook Places.

There is not need to go to different applications to check on your friends anymore, you now have one aggregated stream of checkins – thanks Gowalla!

The bad news is that Gowalla 3 is only available for the iPhone now, Gowalla plans on releasing this new version for the Android and other mobile devices in early 2011.

If you have an iPhone, go get your Gowalla 3 now! the rest of us (Android users) will have to wait until 2011. For more details about this release visit Gowalla’s blog.

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