Top Tech Events in Austin, January 2011

Let’s start the year by attending some cool events in our great city of Austin, TX. We hope you are ready to start the year 2011 strong and with lots of energy to go to many of the great events in town. Also, stay tuned because we are going to be making BIG changes to this blog that I am sure y’all will find very useful!

Happy New Year 2011!!Continue reading “Top Tech Events in Austin, January 2011”

Follow your gut, it works!

We all have to make decisions about different things all the time, big decisions, small decisions and everything in between. In most cases, most of us do some research, look at the data, find facts, test hypothesis, ask others for opinions, do the numbers, etc… to help us make these decisions, it seems as our gut feeling is not enough.Continue reading “Follow your gut, it works!”

IngZ Launches 365 ThingZ to do: Austin App for an Extensive City Guide

Austin, Texas – December 21, 2010 – IngZ, Inc. (, an Austin-based mobile software development company, today announced the availability of 365 ThingZ to do: Austin, a free iPhone app bringing Austinites and Austin visitors an all-encompassing guide of what to do from local expert Kristy Owen, author of the 365 Things to do in Austin blog. With the new app users receive all the capabilities and content of touringZ as well as new features such as deals around town, which gives people the ability to sort by deals including happy hour specials and sales.Continue reading “IngZ Launches 365 ThingZ to do: Austin App for an Extensive City Guide”

CEOs: As the economy recovers, sweeten the deal for techies and don’t take them for granted

As the economy recovers, companies need to sweeten the deal for its employees, can’t take employees for granted, not anymore. Due to the most recent recession many companies have been taking advantage of the vast number of unemployed tech professionals to choose from by paying them lower salaries and not offering meaningful raises (or any raise at all) for a number of years now.

For the past few years tech professionals have considered themselves lucky enough just by having a job, and not expecting anything more such as bonuses, training and pay raises. That is changing.Continue reading “CEOs: As the economy recovers, sweeten the deal for techies and don’t take them for granted”

SCVNGR “Chief Ninja” added as a keynote speaker for SXSW Interactive 2011

Seth Priebatsch, the “Chief Ninja”  for Boston-based mobile gaming startup SCVNGR, has been added as a keynote speaker for the upcoming SXSW Interactive 2011.

This “Chief Ninja” is the fifth keynote speaker selected so far, more will be added as additional keynotes are confirmed.

SCVNGR is a mobile game and a game platform. The game is easy, you earn points by going places, check-in and completing challenges using the mobile application which it is available for both the iPhone and Android.Continue reading “SCVNGR “Chief Ninja” added as a keynote speaker for SXSW Interactive 2011″