Top Tech Events in Austin, December 2010

December is going to be here in a few days, this is the month where most of us spent our free time shopping, attending Christmas parties, traveling, etc… There are also going to be a handful of great tech related events, so make sure you make some room in your busy schedule and attend all or at least some of these events – Happy Holidays! Sigue leyendo

Best free (and almost free) resources for tech startups

I know it is not an easy task to start a company, ever. However, it is not impossible either, specially if you are trying to get a tech startup off the ground. You see, tech startups have the advantage to start companies without the need of retail space, inventory, employees or a real office, at least not in the beginning.

If yours is a tech startup, then there are a large number of resources available to you, these resources are high quality services and products and many of them are offered free or at very affordable prices. These resources can be anything from books, software, communication tools, hosting, mentoring, office space, etc… Sigue leyendo

The co-founders meetup is landing in Austin, TX on Dec 6th

The Austin Co-founders Meetup is all about helping business people find a technical co-founder and vice versa.

This meetup was first created in Mountain View by Alain Raynaud which is the co-founder of an awesome web app that helps recruit great founders (yes there is an app for that!).

Austin Tech Geeks is helping to create the Austin version of this meetup which is scheduled to have its first meetup on December 6, 2010.

Austin’s startup scene has grown with the help of many great local organizations such as RISE Austin, Tech Ranch, Austin Ventures, Capital Factory and many others. Proof of this growth is the number of organizations, events and meetups related to startups, and now Austin Tech Geeks is contributing by helping organize the Austin Co-Founder Meetup which is having its first meetup on December 6th 2010. Sigue leyendo

Nerd Nite Austin – it is a very geeky group!

I was invited to the Nerd Nite event last night, I’ve seen this group in Facebook before but was not sure what it was. You can read all the why, what and when about this group in their website, it is very interesting.

This is basically a get together for nerds (of all kinds) and it happens the first Thursday of every month, nerds get together to see presentations about anything (really anything, last night I learned about the carillon), I overheard someone said yesterday… “it is like National Geographic for nerds”. Sigue leyendo