IngZ Releases New Austin-Focused App for Mobile Guided Tours

Austin, Texas – October 21, 2010 – IngZ, Inc. (, an Austin-based mobile software development company, today announced the availability of touringZ Austin Edition, a touringZ app that is uniquely Austin. With the new app users receive all the capabilities of touringZ, in addition to more than a dozen bundled tours in and around the Austin area. New features also include the ability to participate in contests and competitions (see who is the biggest tourist and “plant the most flags”), find the hidden Easter eggs and more.

TouringZ Austin Edition gives visitors and residents a personalized tool for navigating and exploring the Capitol City and Central Texas

As with touringZ, the new Austin Edition lists available adventures ordered geographically based on a user’s current location. Tours can last a couple hours or be stretched out over several days; you choose your tour, your time and your pace, from a bank of expert created options. The wide selection of tours available in Austin ranges from walking and biking to boating and driving.

“Most visitors have an idea of what they want to do, but since they’re unfamiliar with Austin, they don’t know the name of the running trail they are looking for or how to best prioritize their time. The best part about touringZ Austin Edition is local experts have sorted out those logistics for you,” Tony Howlett, founder and president of ingZ, Inc. commented. “Your day is planned; all you have to do is enjoy Austin without worrying how to get from one activity to the next.”

The interactive tours include GPS-triggered audio commentary, photos, and descriptive text. TouringZ creates the illusion that the users have their own personal guides accompanying them on their trips. The app points out popular trails, must see attractions, background information, approximate time per activity, side sightings, directions, and how to fill extra time.

TouringZ Austin Edition is perfect for visitors or current Austinites curious to discover “hidden gems,” as well as learn facts about anything from the city’s history, geology and architecture, to its flora, fauna and more. TouringZ Austin Edition is currently available in the Apple App store.

About ingZ:
IngZ, Inc. is a mobile software development company that was founded to help smartphone users share their knowledge with each other. Based in Austin, Texas, ingZ creates the tools that let local knowledge experts and enthusiasts easily put their knowledge onto smartphones. For more information please visit

What do you think? I believe this is a very cool application, it is like having your own personal Austin tour guide… in your pocket.

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