Austin-based Alliance Tech to Debut 3rd Generation Intelligent EXHIBITOR Solution

Alliance Tech, an Austin, TX-based business intelligence solutions provider focusing on technology and marketing metrics for tradeshows, conferences and events, announced that it will be providing the newest version of its Intelligent EXHIBITOR Solution to leading companies during the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, November 28 – December 3, 2010 in Chicago.

Intelligent EXHIBITOR is an RFID (radio frequency identification) visitor tracking solution that allows exhibitors to collect, track, and measure attendee interests and preferences.  It also enables exhibitors to quantify ROI and increase revenue opportunities.

Alliance Tech’s patent pending third generation RFID platform with Intelligent EXHIBITOR provides a 50% greater read range, enhanced visual reporting, and more mounting options. It uses less power and has fewer network drops.

Intelligent EXHIBITOR is part of Alliance Tech’s suite of Intelligent Solutions including:

•Intelligent ATTENDANCE—real-time session attendance and duration tracking using Intelligent RFID

•Intelligent LEADS—electronic lead retrieval supported by a secure website for immediate download and follow-up

•Intelligent CONNECT—multi-platform attendee experience including a web portal, mobile application and onsite event kiosks that connect attendees before, during, and after events

•Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE—mobile event guide for viewing session and exhibitor information, floor maps, twitter, surveys, polling, personalized agendas, and networking with other attendees

“We are excited to partner with RSNA again.  The RSNA Meeting is a great opportunity for us to roll out this new generation of our most advanced measurement solution. Exhibitors are keenly interested in analytics to prove the value of their investment in trade show marketing,” said Art Borrego, president and CEO for Alliance Tech.

Alliance Tech has worked with RSNA for 4 years and was recently selected as the winner of the “Best Technology” award from the Trade Show Exhibitors Association.

About Alliance Tech:
Alliance Tech is an event technology solutions provider focused on marketing metrics for tradeshows, conferences and events. The company was the first to offer an Intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution to track attendee interests and preferences at marketing events. Alliance Tech has extensive experience in successfully delivering event solutions for RFID, lead management, mobile & social media for capturing event measurement and enhancing ROI for tradeshows and conferences.

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