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Austin-based LivingDirect.com Encourages Customer Dialogue with its Implementation of Bazaarvoice

LivingDirect.com welcomes a new voice of contributors to their suite of home appliance websites: their customers. Using Bazaarvoice tools, the online-retailer hopes to gain insight regarding their products and customer experiences by freely transmitting information and feedback between consumers. By implementing customer Review and Q&A sections, LivingDirect.com looks to improve their on-line shopping experience by better serving customer expectations.

See example below taken from one of their product pages:

“We see Bazaarvoice as a valuable asset both in helping us connect with our customers and allowing them to interact with us in a significant way,” says Rick Lundbom, CEO, Living Direct, Inc. “Already, we have seen more customers submitting reviews on products and asking insightful questions. We are confident that these tools will better inform our customers and guide them through the shopping process.”

Bazaarvoice, which is based in Austin, Texas too, offers services to capture, display, share and analyze customer conversations online. These services in turn give power to consumers who contribute their feedback based on first-hand experiences with the appliances LivingDirect.com and its network of sites, including CompactAppliance.com, are selling.

“LivingDirect.com is a top 500 e-retailer with a reputation for providing high quality products and the best customer experience possible,” said Heather Brunner, COO of Bazaarvoice. “Their customers are understandably eager to share their personal experiences with Living Direct products, and Bazaarvoice gives them a proven way to harness these authentic conversations and transform them into real results.  By launching Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer, LivingDirect.com has proven that the voice of the customer is the cornerstone of a positive and rewarding online shopping experience.”

The Bazaarvoice launch also coincided with a revamped product details page for the Living Direct network of sites. The product page overhaul included the addition of larger, higher-quality photos and a better layout of product information. Now, when a prospective customer visits the site, they are able to get key information more quickly as well as see each product’s rating and read its reviews.  They also have the option to ask questions regarding the product and its functionality, which will be answered by consumers and the LivingDirect.com team of product experts. LivingDirect.com hopes that by making these improvements, customers will feel more confident with their purchases and receive a more satisfying shopping experience time after time.

Visit http://www.LivingDirect.com for more information.

About the company
Living Direct, Inc. began in 1999 as Richlund Ventures in Austin, TX. Since then, we have grown into a multi-million dollar, top 500 e-retailer corporate brand. We offer home appliances, outdoor patio furniture and more.

What do you think of this strategy? Do you believe that adding customer Reviews and Q&A will help them improve the on-line shopping experience of their customers? Add your comment below and join the conversation.

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One response to “Austin-based LivingDirect.com Encourages Customer Dialogue with its Implementation of Bazaarvoice”

  1. Having this service will NOT help Living Direct until they improve the quality of the customer service staff (at least for EdgeStar).

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