2011 SXSW Interactive Sessions have been announced!

The initial list of confirmed sessions for SXSW Interactive has been released. SXSW accepted session proposals from June 14 – July 11 of this year through the SXSW PanelPicker, a unique online interface that allows the community to have a voice in SXSW’s programming.

The released list of sessions only represents about one-third of the total that are programmed for 2011. More than 2,400 proposals were received, and SXSW is still working on adding more sessions to the list. If you proposed a session and is not in this list, no worries, yours still has a chance to be accepted in the coming days.

If your proposal for a panel idea does not make it to this list, don’t give up, you can still inquire to SXSW about getting your idea on the waiting list, just email SXSW Interactive. Being on the waiting list also means that they will automatically remind you by email next spring when they start accepting ideas for the 2012 event

SXSW also mentioned that there is an amazing announcement coming on November 8, stay tuned for it.

Click the here to see the current list of accepted sessions for SXSW Interactive 2011.

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  1. upcoming SIGGRAPH-SXSW event March 14th

    hey – will you please post this for your members? I think your people may be interested:

    Title: “Visualizing Our Future: Space, Media & Web Exploration – a Minitalk”

    Description: 4 (four) 20-minute presentations on diverse topics related to data-visualization and web-based visual media technologies and techniques with a panel-style Q&A/audience interaction at the end.

    Features: NASA/JPL keynote, TACC/ACES Vizlab open house w/ live realtime demos of 307Megapixel display wall (the country’s highest resolution display of it’s type) and 4K projection system, 100CPU compute farm, multi-GPU visual computing cluster, etc.

    Date: March 14th

    Location: Avaya Auditorium (UT Campus)

    Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm
    (doors at 6:30?)

    Speakers: (not necessarily in the following order)

    All These Worlds are Yours – Visualizing Space Data
    Veronica McGregor, Kevin Hussey, Douglas Ellison, NASA/JPL

    Social Media Data Visualization: Mapping the World’s Conversations
    Robin Richards, JESS3

    Finding Music With Pictures: Data Visualization for Discovery
    Paul Lamere, The Echo Nest

    The Future of Online Video
    Guy Gal, TheBizMedia

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