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Introducing Sagepoint.com – A New Website for Busy Parents, Teachers, and Group Leaders.

Austin-based Sagepoint.com is a new website for parents of school age children, teachers, coaches, youth activity leaders, and group organizers of all types, fall brings not only the excitement of a new school year but also the need to organize a myriad of new schedules, volunteers, and donations.   One new website simplifies this process for everyone involved.  Sagepoint.com provides free online calendar, sign-up sheet, and event notification tools to simplify organizing and managing everyday activities, sign-ups, and volunteers.  

By using Sagepoint, mom and dad can keep track of appointments, birthdays, and meetings as well as stay coordinated on who needs to be at soccer practice, ballet lessons, or swimming each week.  PTA leaders, room reps, scout leaders, coaches, and parents alike can easily see which fundraiser, festival, classroom supplies, wish list, and snack items are covered and what is still needed.   Neighborhood, church, and social groups can use the site to organize anything from potlucks, block parties, garage sales, and group rentals to homeowner meetings, Bunco nights, play groups, and care calendars.

Anyone can setup a personal calendar, sign-up sheet, or event in just a few steps by visiting http://www.sagepoint.com.  Key features of the Sagepoint platform include:

–   Online and printable sign-up sheets, event notifications, maps and directions
–   Options for private or public sign-ups and RSVPs
–   Printable calendars with multiple views
–   Easy invitations and sharing of calendar events with family, friends or others
–   Automatically adds event information to personal calendars
–   Customizable automatic reminders
–   Access via mobile phone or computer from anywhere with Internet access

Event organizers may send invitations and notifications directly from Sagepoint or include a link to their event or sign-up sheet in an e-mail.   Groups who have their own websites or group pages can use Sagepoint to set up their sign-up sheets or event information then simply cut and paste the automatically generated Sagepoint link to their site.

Today’s Internet penetration and the growing use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) makes this the ideal time to introduce a unified, Internet-based consumer solution for managing personal and group activities and events.   While e-mail has made it easier to communicate needs and event information, sorting through streams of reply-all responses is an inefficient use of everyone’s time. Signing-up to participate in an activity or contribute to an event necessitates the additional step of adding the information to one’s personal calendar or planner and possibly to a spouse or caregiver’s calendar as well.   Sagepoint provides an easy-to-use, cost-free solution to all these challenges.

For Mark P., a Cub Scout leader from Frisco, TX who used the site to organize a campout for over 150 people, “Sagepoint removed the managing of who’s bringing or doing what so I could focus on the needs of the event. The ability to print the list was very handy when it came time to shop for remaining needed items.”

Juli R., a busy mother of two from Austin, TX, has used the site to organize classroom parties, mom’s group outings, church activities, and Pampered Chef parties. Juli says of Sagepoint, “It’s a great place to go to organize your events, your calendar and more. It’s a great way to simplify.”

Visit www.sagepoint.com to see more examples of ways to use the site.

This might be a great resource for all those groups that have a hard time coordinating group tasks using Google or Yahoo groups, I will definitely recommend it to my son’s cub scout pack.

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