New Product from Austin-based entrepreneur Ash Maurya: USERcycle

USERcycle logoAsh Maurya is a well-known Austin entrepreneur who believes in building lean startups. Ash is the founder and CEO of WiredReach which is the maker of BoxCloud, CloufFire and CloudStack. Ash has been running this bootstrapped startup for the past 7 years and it is now releasing a new product called USERcycle. It is still unclear if this new product will be part of WiredReach or if he will build a new company around this product.

It is the “Highrise (CRM) for Web Apps”. That is how Ash described this new product in his blog. Ash also mentioned that he has share this idea with people that he highly respects who have also agreed to come on board as advisors. The names of these advisors are going to be released on Ash’s blog soon.

The product’s name is USERcycle and its goal is to find better ways to track and improve engagement with your customers.

Do not get fooled by the tag line above, USERcycle is NOT an analytics tool and the best way to find out about it is to sign-up if you want to be notified when USERcycle launches:

You can learn more about Ash Maurya and his company in his blog and by following him on Twitter.

What do you think of this idea? do you know of any other companies that offer solutions to help you find better ways to track and engage your users? Please share and join the conversation.

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