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Wilco Angel Network – New Funding for Williamson County businesses

Wilco logoWAN was founded in January 2010 to help attract new and growing businesses to Williamson County.  The mission of WAN is to provide funding for growing businesses in Williamson County.

WAN is a member operated group and works closely with Wilco Entrepreneurs Community to prepare entrepreneurs to operate their new and growing businesses more efficiently and effectively and to raise funding for their business needs.

Wilco Angel Network (WAN) seeks entrepreneurs who need capital and/or expertise to build their businesses and can benefit from this unique funding option.  WAN is designed to help seed-stage, early-stage and growth-stage companies grow to profitability and/or obtain their planned exit strategy.

Before you apply to WAN we encourage you to take advantage of the many resources to help you prepare to succeed in your company and in seeking funding. These will help you refine your business plan, develop a go-to-market strategy and help prepare you for the kind of questions investors are going to ask.

WAN is part of the Wilco Entrepreneurs Community (WEC).  Please visit WEC’s web site at http://www.wectx.org to learn more about the WEC Program Plan and entrepreneurial resources in the Greater Austin Area.

The Application Process

The Wilco Angel Network seeks business plans meeting our submission criteria. Please submit your business plan if it meets the following three requirements:

  • Deal based in Williamson County Texas
  • Premoney valuation no greater than $10M
  • Completed or near-completed product and/or service offering (WAN will invest in “early-stage” startups, seed stage (<$100,000 deals) and debt/sub-debt (loans); contact Director before applying)

Please note, they charge $100 per application.

For more details, visit their website at http://www.wantx.org/

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