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Capital Factory Demo Day 2010

Save the date, Capital Factory’s Demo Day 2010 is on September 8, 2010.

Capital Factory is an Austin startup incubator run by successful local entrepreneurs. In May, 2010, Inc magazine named Capital Factory as one of the best 20 business incubators in the United States.

At Capital Factory, 20 seasoned entrepreneurs invest $5,000 each in five promising start-ups (last year, 300 applied). Then, for 10 weeks, the fledgling ventures get free office space, legal advice, and help from 20 vets. Who gets in: Seed-stage companies, mostly in tech. Breakout company: SpareFoot, an online auction service for storage space. Revenue has been doubling monthly since September.

This year 5 lucky companies were selected by Capital Factory and these companies are going to have a chance to demo their products and services during Capital Factory’s Demo Day 2010.

The companies presenting this year are:

  • Hurricane Party
  • KeepStream
  • RecycleMatch
  • RippleFunction
  • Smackages

This year, Demo Day is schedule to happen on September 8, 2010 at the AT&T Conference Center on University of Texas campus.

The keynote speaker is Naval Ravikant from Venture Hacks and the guest speaker is Dave McClure from 500 startups.

If you want to be a Demo Day sponsor, you should contact Capital Factory.

If you are interested in attending Demo Day, you can add your name to the waiting list here.

Click here to learn more about Capital Factory

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