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The city of Austin offers help to entrepreneurs / small businesses

The Small Business Development Program (SBDP) offers no-cost services for those who want to open a business and for those who already own a small business and need some counseling and assistance.

The SBDP also offers business classes taught by University of Texas faculty on subjects such as social media, business basics, finances, etc. Classes last about three hours and a lot of them are free while other classes typically cost $35 to $85.

There are also multiple events every month where the small business owners have a chance to meet, network, and learn from area lenders about the loan process for your small business. Whether starting out or looking to expand your existing business.

The SBDP program has about 15 employees and they all contribute greatly to the success of small businesses interested in the program. The SBDP makes its own resources available to small business owners. as well as provide points of contact to outside resources beyond the scope of what they do at SBDP.

The center has a $2 million budget, which is expected to remain flat through the upcoming budget cycle, said Elizabeth Gross, a program business information specialist.

The program does not offer grants, but it is able to help put budding business owners in touch with lenders, Gross said.

Another objective is helping people navigate city processes for opening a business or greasing the skids when business owners encounter bureaucratic snags and other obstacles, she said.

To learn more about this great program for Austin entrepreneurs, please visit their website at:


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